July 12, 2024
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Après l’épreuve médicale de NCR : Veena et Navin Ramgoolam remercient…

A consultant physician in Dublin, Dr Thompson, used to tell to all the students in their medicine finals : “There is no such thing as disease. There are human beings who suffer from disease.”

The Power of thoughts can cause you either illness or recovery…

Veena & myself are deeply touched by the love & support shown during these difficult times by all the people who have been praying & sending positive thoughts for my recovery.

A personal word of thanks & gratitude from Veena for all your personal messages of encouragement 🙏🏼 Our gratitude goes to Dr. Noor Abasakoor & Dr. Keser Pillai who were the two doctors who advised me that I should be admitted. I was then moved to Welkin & taken care by a dedicated nursing staff & the medical team led by Dr. Subir Das together with Dr. Ramprakash Reesaul, Dr. Noor Abasakoor , Dr. Keser Pillai & Dr. Oumesh Shamloll. Dr. Farad Aumeer who was coordinating with the authorities was among those who convinced me to travel to India for treatment. My sincere thanks to Her Excellency Mrs. K.N Singla & her team as well as to the Prime Minister’s Office for assisting & facilitating my evacuation to India.

A special thanks to Dr. Subir Das , Dr. Pritising Bossoondyal & Dr. Elavarasan Narayanan who accompanied me on the flight from Mauritius to Delhi.

I was in a very bad state when I reached AIIMS Delhi with both Covid-19 and severe Pneumonia ! Thanks to the dedication, expertise & professionalism of Dr. Guleria, Dr. Neeraj, Dr. Soni , Dr. Moorty & a 24H monitoring by their staff they managed to turn the situation around. The post-covid treatment was also a very determining factor.

I was not only so happy & relieved to be back home with Veena but also finding my dog Orion who would not stop making welcoming noises and wagging his tail with so much affection.

Home sweet home