March 3, 2024
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Bhavna Lallsa, CEO of : « Think of as the ‘amazon’ of Mauritius »

Inspired by amazon, aspires to become the next big platform for buying and selling online for Mauritius. Her CEO, Bhavna Lallsa, relates more about the origin of this project, but also how online buying and selling, is becoming more and more important in Mauritius.

How and why did the project come about? was started with a Mauritian family moving to the United States and experiencing the simplicity of being able to get everything online at no hassle. Think of Filao. mu as the “Amazon” of Mauritius. The goal is to make Filao the next big platform for buying and selling online.

Tell us more about the project, what does it consist of?

With, there are multiple ways to earn money. As a seller, you can list all your products online at no cost while our marketing team does the advertising and bring customers to view and purchase your products. As a Sales Representative, we take in 10 new reps per month and with that, we will train you and mentor you to be a successful sales rep where you will be earning weekly residual income. believes in the idea of working smart, not hard.

How has been doing since its launch? was just Launched a little over a month ago and already we have about 2000 plus sellers on our platform. With our marketing team working on the best advertisement, the goal is to have at least 100,000 sellers by the end of 2022. This project is designed to change a lot of lives by making everything simpler.

Do you think that with COVID 19, Mauritians will buy and sell online more?

With Covid 19 restrictions being strict in Mauritius, we are heading into the direction of everything being online. Why not sit at the comfort of your own home and let our marketing team bring you customers instead of standing in the Bazaar all day…

Tell us a little more about the products for sale online?

The best aspect of is there are not only products, but services as well. In the rest of the world, most people are making their money online and that is the goal for Mauritius. Sellers can list any products that they want to sell as well as any services.

Do you have agreements with local brands?

Since was just launched, we currently do not have any agreements with local brands.

How do you ensure good customer service and sales after? has an outstanding customer service team that works around the clock to make sure the sellers are profiting; the customers are satisfying with their product or services and the sales rep are being trained by experts from the United States.

Can people also offer products for sale on

Yes, absolutely! was designed for anyone who wants to sell their products online. We are aiming to be the largest buying and selling platform in Mauritius.

What are you upcoming projects?

Our next project is expanding in a way that not only sales rep will get paid residual but adding an affiliate team, which is open to anyone who is open to weekly residual income.