April 23, 2024
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Jean Michel Lee Shim – Role Model of our society

Jean Michel Lee Shim
Founder Of SMP

The SMP known as a solidarity enterprise promoting social unity, which contributes in
the day-to-day life of the underprivileged of society. The SMP would not exist without its
philanthropist, founder Jean Michel Lee Shim.
The founder of SMP, is continually involved in medical, educational and philanthropic works for the welfare of the local population.

His contribution to society’s unfortunates is apolitical, which makes him the role model of our Mauritian society. In response to critics of some detractors, who often put into question the efficacy of the benevolence of Mr Lee Shim’s philanthropic approach. Precisely;

  • SMP is already engaging its volunteers for helping the underprivileged of society,
  • SMS Pariaz: Coming up to critics, who described the charitable contributions of SMS Pariaz as “un style de gestion mafieuse”, one of the organisations which provides for the SMP and JMLS Cancer Care association. Thus ‘bet for a good cause’.
  • SMS Smart (Mtius) Shopping (SMS.MU), which aims to fund the Solidarite Marye Pike (SMP) association to help the unfortunates of society with the goal that all profits from the company will be donated to a Solidarite Marye Pike fund, which will only serve to meet the needs of the poor.

“Mr Lyzol… The “honorable without honor”

Well known for his usual ‘walk out’ during the parliamentary sessions and vulgarity, showing no respect to members of the parliament, Mr Lyzol proved himself to be an ‘honorable without honor’. Despite the fact of spending 34 years in parliament and 8 mandates, he has not been able to cover the one year existence of humanitarian NGO solidarity Maryer Pike alongside its founder Jean Michel Lee Shim.

Bulldoz’er’ mauve.. tap’eur’.. Coiff’eur’..

The ‘Er’ sound that people make when they hesitate, especially while they decide what to say next. Not suprisingly, it describes his actions accordingly, often in confusion and agitation when unable to prove his point. Mr Lyzol’s obsession with heads and hair does not go unnoticed, reminding us of Netflix series”izombie”. ”Gare à cette “chauve”-souris du parlement!”, who knows only to criticize.

Founder Jean Michel Lee Shim has been supportive to people of any community, helping them step by step to carry on with their daily lives. The SMP, as advised by its ideal founder, has been doing an excellent work, providing support to the sick and elderly persons, the single mothers and cancer patients, especially those who are unable to opt for a better medical check up and other facilities.

In same cases, the contributions of ‘Mr Lyzol’ are questionable, as far as it concerns the development of his region within his 8 mandates as compared to the one year existence of prestigious NGO Solidarite Maryer Pike. In doubt? The answers are already there!

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self-control to be
understanding and forgiving.”

Yashmeeta Jugoo Rughoobur
Public Relation Officer
Solidarite Maryer Pike