June 19, 2024
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« Toute répétition de ses propos, toute fuite, notamment émanant de sources américaines, seraient certainement embarrassantes pour lui (Ramgoolam) et contre-productif pour nos intérêts » « En ce qui concerne l’expansion proposée des installations de la marine américaine à Diego, Ram dit qu’il n’est pas personnellement dérangé ou opposé à ce projet. Il en reconnait la nécessité et qu’il faut être réaliste… »

Extraits du rapport Kissinger
Assistant secretary Easum and ambassador Manhard called on PM Ramgoolam april 16 at his waldorf suite. Ambassador Ramphul and Balancy also present. Following is gist of secret… « As to proposed expansion of U.S. Naval facilities at diego, ram said he is not personally disturbed or opposed. He recognized necessity to be realistic about it. He stressed pressures being exerted on him, however, by other countries in area re diego. For example, when transiting new delhi to New York this trip, indians accused him of being supine on this issue. Although such criticisms are causing difficulties for him, he is trying to say as little as possible in public. » 7. Ram believed general elections will have to be called before 1976 and possibly this year, but not as early as august. He expressed concern that opposing politicans intended to attack him for giving away too much quickly to british at time of independence in relation to biot, and Diego specifically. 8. Note for all addresses: ramgoolam’s views on diego should be held closely. Any repeat any leak, especially from u.S. Sources, would certainly be embarrassing to him and counter productive for our interests.