April 14, 2024
Hennessy Court 3rd floor Sir John Pope Hennessy street Port-Louis

Vaincre Corona Ensam

We are processing your requests on the platform “Vaincre Corona Ensam”. We are grouping requests and contacting the different relevant MPs of Mauritius.

We have distributed to beneficiaries of constituency number 4 and 5 and we thank Honourable Lesjongar and Honourable Callychurn for their immediate response. Honourable Ramdhanny of constituency number 6 responded positively today and we are delivering tomorrow for requests coming from number 6. Others will receive as and when their MPs respond or other donations arrive. We urge MPs to do your best for your constituents through us or any NGOs of your choice. We do tell the beneficiaries who donated the food pack.

SMP , with its limited resources and private donations, is supplying the neediest in all constituencies. SMP was receiving most of its donations from Sms Pariaz Ltd but all its economic activities are shut down for the moment and itself laying off many of its own staffs. Its stock is depleting rapidly reserving for the extremely most vulnerable. The founder and his children donated Rs 1 Million today from their personal savings expressly for most needy children and our elders. SMP is also distributing food prepared by its volunteers and doing door to door serving. Unfortunately, we cannot cover all the regions.

We make an urgent appeal to all citizens to give support on the platform “Vaincre Corona Ensam” by going on www.smp.mu and click on the appropriate link. It is a race against time and we need your generous support urgently. When you are at the dinner table kindly pray to God to give those who are going to bed without food.

We apologise for any delay but we are doing our very best to satisfy all requests.