May 24, 2024
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The People’s Tote has taken note of an article published in Week-End newspaper on Sunday 2 April 2023 on page 65 having as title ‘‘Turfistes et Parieurs : Attention Danger’’.
The People’s Tote condemns the false and misleading information in the said article.

The People’s Tote wants to reassure everyone that it complies with Part B of the Fifth Schedule of the GRA Act 2007 and that its payouts are more than the minimum 72% for Win and 67% for exotic bets as prescribed by Law. The 72% and 67% are the payouts of the two competitors but the People’s Tote in fact pays 75% for win and place bets which is 3% over our competitors who pay the minimum 72%. When the People Tote Guarantee payout exceeds its final tote payout, the payout reaches between 76% to 85% for win bets.

For all other bets (Bipot, Tripot, Quadpot, Jackpot 4, Jackpot 6, Jackpot 8 and Placepot) , the payout is also 75% which is 8% above the prescribed minimum of 67% paid by our competitors .

In UK, the payouts of Tote are 80% for win . In France, the tote pays between 80% to 85% . The Hong Kong Jockey Club pays out 82.5% for win and place.

People’s Tote Guarantee is new on the market and is innovative and is aligning its Tote payouts to international standards. In so doing PTP TOTE GUARANTEE becomes the enemy of Weekend protecting the adverts of PTP opponents in its newspaper. Pure vested interest.

The anti PTP have their full rights to play with and therefore subsidise the other competitors even they pay much less dividends than PTP. Afterall The MTC has been bled to death by the policy of subsidising and “Proteze nou montagne”.

However Weekend has no rights whatsoever to write fake articles misleading those who wish to be paid more money by playing with People’s Tote Guarantee. Weekend looking like imbeciles went so low to even qualifying the unbeatable payouts of PTP as “attrape-nigaud” . PTP can only rejoice by the free self confession of Weekend that the payouts of PTP TOTE GUARANTEE is by far better than the competitors.

The public is hereby informed that Weekend/Le Mauricien will always calumniate PTP , People’s Tote Guarantee or PTP races. Always cross check with PTP. Weekend is bias and will never write a single phrase good about PTP but beyond any limit of decency and self respect will use PTP’s races free of charge to produce its turf magazine and to sell its newspaper with PTP races on its cover and inside to attract adverts of the opponents of PTP. NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI FAILS BEFORE WEEKEND.


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