July 12, 2024
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Defamation of philanthropist JMLS. Enough is Enough!

Philanthropist Jean Michel Lee Shim (JMLS)

It’s been months that some so-called lawyers pretending to be “society’s hero”, have been defaming the local philanthropist Jean Michel Lee Shim. But why so many accusations?? Is it because Mr Lee Shim is helping the underprivileged? Is it because Mr Lee Shim is proving food and shelter to the poor? Is it because Mr Lee Shim employed people with his own money to help society? What’s his fault? He has been victims of several evil plots including a murder attempt on him! Beside his live videos on Facebook defaming philanthropist Lee Shim, is it the same machiavellian lawyer R.V involved for the attempted murder on Mr Lee Shim in June 2021, relevant questions are now being raised.

Today some machiavellian lawyer accused Mr Lee Shim of “paying” someone, to present himself as a witness against Roshi Bhadain. Why so? Is it because the “scavengers” are these days being portrayed as “pena role” after one of them handling the case of Beatrice L., in which the latter lied and hide the truth. Using a woman to increase his integrity but Mr R.V failed! Why is he so after philanthropist Lee Shim? About what is R.V afraid of for the public to know?

For several years now, philanthropist Lee Shim alongside his NGO Solidarite Maryer Pike has been helping hundreds to thousands of people around the island. He has been spending his own money from providing free meals to free medical facilities to improve the lives of the underprivileged. Who does not know NGO SMP and it’s free services to the public!

Here we come to you, Mr R.V, sitting in front of a PC and doing all sorts of Facebook live and instigating people against the government and Mr Lee Shim to propagating hatred in society, the BIG question is ” MR. R.V, HOW ARE YOU FACILITATING THE LIVES OF THE UNDERPRIVILEGED OF SOCIETY?!” Certainly, the Facebook lives is not filling the stomach of the poor nor improving anything positively. Bringing your hatred for Mr Lee Shim to the public is such a disgraceful thing.

Quoting from your own words Mr R.V,
Ouvert ou lizier camarade, apart fer palab lor live videos, ki ou pe fer pu dimun misère??
Not even a jhant! As said someone!