April 18, 2024
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Hats off to Jean Michel Lee Shim, Founder of SMP

Jean Michel Lee Shim
Founder of SMP

The difficult phases of COVID-19 pandemic had reached its peak by now. Much esteem and respect for Jean Michel Lee Shim and his NGO Solidarite Maryer Pike, which deserves all appreciation for the contribution made by providing support to those in need, in terms of food, medical and other facilities which were made available for the welfare of people during the lockdown period.

Tagged as ‘Largent zougadere’ by critics, but NGO SMP is still rising with appreciations. In response to the idiotic criticisms, those who criticised could not even feed one mouth or provide the basic humanitarian aid, with their apparently ‘clean money’, but rather has come up with lowly interpretations, tarnishing the image of prestigious NGO Solidarité Maryer Pike, which feeds hundreds to thousands of mouths everyday. Jean Michel Lee Shim, founder of SMP, focused himself on providing care to those whose lives are marred by poverty.

Additional commitments have been made in the areas of healthcare, education and humanitarian aid. Firmly believe, critics will not even have the gut to do a quarter of what the respected founder of SMP, Mr Jean Michel Lee Shim has been doing throughout his journey, making the SMP one of the most prestigious NGO in Mauritius.

Coming from diverse communities in the multicultural Mauritian society, with believers from different ethnic groups and religious backgrounds, the SMP works with the larger community to overcome prejudice and promote social unity amongst. The SMP has been providing aid to people of isolated and particularly in disadvantaged regions of the country. Our beneficiaries, consider themselves lucky to be part of the SMP while taking advantage of the services offered free of charge.

“SMP… Our pride…”

Yashmeeta Jugoo Rughoobur
Public Relations Officer
Solidarite Maryer Pike