April 19, 2024
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Jean Michel Lee Shim: A great leader to follow

Jean Michel Lee Shim
Philanthropist and Founder of SMP

Solidarite Maryer Pike and its founder Jean Michel Lee Shim, is well known to provide support for the needy, the single mothers and the cancer patients to live a better life. The founder of SMP, Jean Michel Lee Shim hired volunteers; the CSO and qualified doctors to provide the best possible medical care to all SMP beneficiaries. Latest medical equipments are available to doctors for proper diagnosis. It is not so easy for Mr ‘Lyzol’ to throw his dirty droolings on such a prestigious NGO as SMP.

The one critic who needs a “bavette”

He is a critic and therefore drools with arrogance; his favourite ‘Lyzol’ in his hands, and playing dirty tricks has been his passion. So much lost in his own manipulation games that he forgot to buy himself a bib (bavette). No worries, founder Jean Michel Lee Shim is generous enough to gift the latter a free bib!

Coming up to fingers pointed towards SMP journalists of Zordi and Mazavaroo news. “Mercenary” and “oinks” are terms that some morons used to throw mud on the SMP media team. Knowing that our journalists are all degree holders in the field of journalism, it is rather baseless to criticize Mr Lee Shim’s media group.
He is not doing any kind of ‘publicity’ as claimed by some, but giving an example to others what real benevolence is.

Claimed to be an ‘elected’ MP and Mr ‘Lyzol’ only “rol dan parlement” is asking questions, thus still not aware of the responsibilities of a good MP. Apart from being a “rodeur rol”, he did not even raise a finger to provide support to the helpless families during the recent crisis, preferring to sit idle in parliament and screaming for nothing. This is what we should actually call “Bez cass le peuple”.

Mr ‘Lyzol’ has been screaming out his soul in the parliament defaming founder Jean Michel Lee Shim. Before pointing finger towards the SMP and the SMS Pariaz, critics should know that money gained, is being used for a good cause; helping cancer patients and the needy ones via NGO SMP; play for a cause. Critics should be ashamed to conspire against prestigious NGO SMP.

Dear Mr ‘Lyzol’, stop throwing mud on a person who without being an MP is readily helping our nation. The founder of SMP, Jean Michel Lee Shim is the one who gives respect and support to all people within our multicultural country.
However, those criticisms had a ‘positive’ side too, giving the impression of being a fan of leader Jean Michel Lee Shim, without realizing it.

“Critics are actually the biggest fans!”

Yashmeeta Jugoo Rughoobur
Public Relation Officer
Solidarite Maryer Pike