April 18, 2024
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Jean Michel Lee Shim-Philanthropist at heart with boundless generosity

“Bon Dieu fine avoy Misié Lee Shim pou nou..”

Jean Michel Lee Shim

The ‘strength’ of the underprivileged as they claimed. He integrates into all forms of solidarity from an independent philanthropic foundation, The SMP. He is Jean Michel Lee Shim, founder of the SMP which seeks to fight against poverty in Mauritius.

When the coronavirus began to affect the country, Mr Lee Shim launched a campaign to support those in need, offering them medical services and daily food to be able to survive this pandemic, without forgetting babies who got their necessities from the NGO of founder Mr Lee Shim.

Mauritians! Where were the so-called “heroes” at that time? What are their contributions to society? The S-C-A-V-E-N-G-E-R-S running after power to rule the country. Where were your so-called “well-wishers” at that time??

Jean Michel Lee Shim, the one who is open out helping the underprivileged fighting against the elimination of poverty. His means of action are collective. In accordance with the idea very prevalent in humanitarian aid, JMLS devotes itself to humanitarian services such as the distribution of meals, home medical services, free screening as well as supporting single mothers and elderly persons. Dental care facilities are made available for them. No need to run to expensive clinics to receive good treatments.

This action is like a boon for many. Despite being heavily criticized and falsely accused by certain “dirty men,” Jean Michel Lee Shim continues to support those who are in dire state. What more do we expect from this noble person!

As for founder Jean Michel Lee Shim, helping his country and the unprivileged is of utmost importance irrespective of their cultural beliefs, ethnicity and religion. While interviewing some of the SMP beneficiaries, the only response amongst was “Bon Dieu fine avoy Misié Lee Shim pou nou.. Nou gagne beaucoup soutien avec li..” Heart touching answers!

“The one who improves and gives life to people, cannot take lives…”

Yashmeeta Jugoo Rughoobur
Public Relations Officer SMP
Press Officer JMLS