April 23, 2024
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Vimi Appadoo, Managing Director & Master Trainer, Business Coach of Dale Carnegie Mauritius : «Lockdown 2 is easier to handle»

Like other training companies, Dale Carnegie Mauritius promptly adapted to this second lockdown. Furthermore, Vimi Appadoo reveals which trainings are more in demand due to the pandemic.

The second lockdown will end on the 1st May 2021. How is Dale Carnegie Mauritius coping with this second lockdown and its partial deconfinement?

As the saying goes, “there is a first time for everything” — and the first time that we do something is always full of apprehensions / fears coupled with lack of confidence.  Likewise for lockdown1. Whereas lockdown 2 is easier to handle because the framework is a kind of “time tested” one, so we know what worked, what did not and what was missing from lockdown 1. So we were able to make some rapid changes to adapt to the current situation and our clients were already familiar to our online experience from last year, so they are more than happy to make the shift.

Do you feel that companies were better prepared for this second wave?

Absolutely! Once the lockdown was announced, the CEOs and HR teams went into action informing staff of the policies in place and how each company expected their staff to comply with the regulations while also meeting their work commitments from home. 

Many companies have opted for the Work from Home solution. Is this the case of Dale Carnegie?

Because we are in the people business and deliver face to face training in lots of corporates, last year, as soon as the lockdown was lifted, we went back to the office and took all the necessary precautions. As from June 2020 to 9th March 2021, it was mostly back to face-to-face business and reality for us. For sure, we transitioned back to Work from Home since the 2nd lockdown. As we say in the Carnegie language, we just “moved the room” with the same experience and enthusiasm.

Do you offer training to companies via technology?

Dale Carnegie Training has been delivering online training for the last 10 years and with Covid-19, our partners in Mauritius were able to continue to develop their people without experiencing any hiccups from our side.

With this second wave, are there any trainings or events that will not take place or be postponed?

Given that we work with our partners on medium term journeys aligned with their medium term to long term Vision, the developmental journeys have only been postponed or put on hold until necessary approval from the authorities to proceed with online delivery.

Since the end of the first confinement, have companies been looking for specific training?

Indeed, we have seen a surge in request for Sales Training, increasing collaboration within teams, managing teams virtually and leadership development.  We also notice a shift towards aligning the training plans with the Vision and Mission of the Organizational v/s ad hoc trainings.

What training do you offer in connection with the pandemic and the change it has brought about within companies?

Since February 2020, our Head Office in USA has been diligently involved in conducting research on the challenges the organizations are facing — especially how leaders are coping or not with the sudden shift. This has culminated into workshops on Agile Leadership / Managing Virtual Teams / Virtual Selling / Executive Online Presence / Effective Communication and Human Relations Program, amongst so many others. This has enabled us to pursue our mission of transforming people’s lives and performance level for both their personal benefits as well as that of their employer.