May 24, 2024
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The public is hereby informed that the sanctions taken against trainer Vincent Allet is from the Gambling Regulatory Authority. A particular Press and some social media people are intentionally leading many ppl to believe that the sanctions are from PTP. UTTERLY FALSE.

Previously it would have been the stewards of the Horse Racing Organiser ( HRO ) , namely the MTC which would have heard the case of Mr. Vincent Allet and sanction the tort feasor. When matters are very serious they would even refer the cases to the Police. It was the MTC which was the only HRO in those days and therefore was dealing with the matters. Then if sanctioned the tort feasor went on the appeal board of the MTC itself. A situation of judge and party according to the Parry report.

Some cases sanctioned by MTC :

  1. Mr. R. Rungasamy; warned off 6 months. Guilty to have said he can buy the whole Champ de Mars as he was very rich whilst he was drunk;
  2. Mr. Leblanc; warned off 6 months for altercation with Messrs Taher;
  3. Messrs Taher; warned off 3 months for altercation with Mr. Henri Leblanc;
  4. Mr. Glover Brian; ex President of MTC, warned off 12 months for violence on late Mr. Agastamuni Gujadhur.
  5. Ex judge late Robert Ahnee, expulsion !8
  6. Paul Foo Kune; warned off 5 years for presenting himself at the gate of the ex champion trainer Mr. Philippe Henry in Rivière Noire . His Bookmaker’s licence was not renewed by the MTC.
  7. Vincent Allet verbally aggressed jockey Karis Titan on horse “Blue Lord” and forced the latter in exile. Enquiry closed. ( one thing good VA did in his life unintentionally ).

Warn off means the person is banned within any place associated with horse racing and / or in contact with any person associated with horse racing.

Today the power to deal with the above issues lies with the GRA which is a public administration under the scrutiny of the court. Previously, it was by the private club, MTC and their decision was final. No judicial review was possible but appeal to MTC panel itself ( situation of judge and party ). Mr. Vincent Allet is very lucky as he can have recourse to judicial review thanks to this Government. If he suffers damages the Government has sufficient means to pay, if ever , any monetary prejudice is suffered.

Very recently Mrs. Taslimah Valayden was warned off for 6 race meetings for misbehaviour. In that same logic Mr. Vincent Allet could also potentially be sanctioned by the MTC specially the gravity of the case of Mrs. Taslimah Valayden is nothing compared to that of Vincent Allet.

In fact , Mr. Vincent Allet case is summarised as follows :

  1. “Si vremem finn met 200 tonnes disab mo rant LASCAR”. ( as if rant LASCAR is sinful )
  2. “Moi mo appel Vincent Allet mo pas sa banne gopiahs Ubheeram , Taposeea, Damree, Ramdin , Narang”. ( as if the gopiahs are all Hindus, every named person is a Hindu ).
  3. ” sinoi , mo pas peur demain mem mo pou vinne kot toi mo pou casse to L….”. ( as if Sinoi has no name. People of the like of Vincent Allet who enjoy insulting the Chinese community ” ( sinoi na pas dimoune , kan li mort li vinne diable ).
  4. In fact the next day he came with bouncers in restricted areas reserved for trainers. His owner, Mr. Vimal Damree intervened and reasoned his trainer and asked him to order his bouncers out of the restricted zone.

PTP re-iterates that the sanctions against Mr. Vincent Allet is solely the doing of the GRA. Before the GRA took over that responsibility it was the MTC which handled and sanctioned inappropriate behaviours which bring horse racing into disrepute. MTC would have dealt with the matter diligently with more vigour and its sanctions would have been tougher than those of the GRA. Week-End / Le Mauricien and the Chatwas of the MTC would have made Mr. Vincent Allet a laughing stock not an hero as they are doing today. As it is the GRA which is policing then politics is taking over to settle political scores. Repeat ! PTP has no power to sanction anybody. A certain press is misleading the public to believe that PTP suspended Mr. Vincent Allet. This is completely false.

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