April 18, 2024
Hennessy Court 3rd floor Sir John Pope Hennessy street Port-Louis

Amidst Covid-19 and corporate greed

We Homo sapiens are a breed with so much to give yet we are fixated on taking so much. Ever since the barter system transcended to gold for the value of a product, the greed game commenced. As gold was discovered to be of mighty value, money came into play, and since then, the game of capitalism erupted and is still dominating the world through economy and international powers.

Countries are at war for resources; oil for instance, is valuable resource, yet as corporations innovate and production accelerates, we witness resource shortages. We see economically powerful countries dominate economically poorer lands for these resources at the cost of lives and humanity. Concurrently, they sell us the ideal of comfort, preferences through product fetichism , and OPINION Amidst Covid-19 and corporate greed in turn, we opt for the more expensive, better quality and comforting products as a way to classify ourselves in society. We are all humans and such an approach to life is just as meagre as the choices we make based on packaging and price. Corona changed that dynamic; it taught us that survival does not know brands. Corona showed us that the rich and the poor perish in the same soil.

But alas, I fear it will be a passing lesson and as the world recovers, the constant need of producing and importing or exporting for that matter, will continue. Mauritius imports more than it exports, we are a micro bead on the map with so much agricultural lands that are being destroyed for gentrification, a mode for attracting investors who shall enrich our economy. But these investors’ children go to private schools, have hobby classes while our children in Le Morne are deprived of potable water. trust Corona wakes us up.

And by us I mean my motherland. As one people and as one nation, joined in humanity with a long term vision for our country, let us empower each other. Let us consume the lettuce of that local farmer, let them have ample lands for permaculture , let us work for a healthy future. Let not greed and the urge of producing render us slaves to capitalism. May we accept a shortage in products yet rest reassured that the next batch will be worthy of the body loaned to us. Let us not encourage the anthropocene, may we realize that money is but a piece of paper, crucial for living, i admit, but not the essence of life.