May 24, 2024
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Why criticisms? Jean Michel Lee Shim is an exemplary man

Who said good works do not come with criticisms. Here comes the famous Mauritian saying, “Apprecié pas critiqué!”
Jean Michel Lee Shim is well known as a local philanthropist, founder of SMP and JMLS Cancer Care, in short, an exemplary person who promotes solidarity and integrity amongst. By now his prestigious NGOs along with his good works are well known in every part of the island.

NGO ‘Solidarité Maryer Pike’ is a symbol of solidarity, togetherness and harmony. Praises of our beneficiaries are flowing from all around. Founder of SMP, proved the true meaning of solidarity because without it, progress has no meaning and solidarity is living together; all with all. Daily food distribution by SMP volunteers to the needy is not to be missed. The needy people are mainly the ones who take meals distributed by the SMP every evening.

Our society is marked by social, cultural, family ties. The SMP aims to encourage solidarity with our ability to preserve and recreate humanity itself and to choose the goods within people. Jean Michel Lee Shim, founder of SMP launched “Vaincre Corona Ensam” project in collaboration with ‘Solidarité Maryer Pike’ helped to ease people’s lives during the COVID-19 lockdown crisis. “Vaincre Corona Ensam” project connotes to the fact that solidarity must spread faster than the COVID-19 virus.

A true philanthropist as he is, helping the unfortunates is of utmost importance to founder Jean Michel Lee Shim. He acknowledged the pain of those helpless squatters of Riambel. Many of them were parents who did not have an idea how to cope with school resumption.
Founder of SMP did not remain insensitive about that situation because of his compassion. The SMP, recently distributed school materials to the children of those squatters for the resumption of classes.

Jean Michel Lee Shim is the one who deserves to be praised. He has empowered the needy, the less -fortunates and deprived areas of society while proving that humanity still exists amongst.

The mark of a great man is one who knows when to set aside the important things in order to accomplish the vital ones.”

Yashmeeta Jugoo Rughoobur
Public Relations Officer
Solidarité Maryer Pike